Managed Print Services

The easiest way to explain what managed print services (mps) are, is simple.

By helping you save money, to boost your productivity, document security, and to make sure of environmental sustainability is all gained by visible control of a printing production system.

Multifunction Printers and Photocopiers:

MFP is a piece of vital equipment that combines the functionality to print, scan, fax, email and copy all from one device. 

An increase in work-flow improvement, cost reduction, and to consolidate assets in a budget-minded business surrounding a multifunction printer is not only a common choice but a wise one too.

Document Management Systems (DMS):

A DMS is a device or system used to reduce your paper usage, store online or offline documents, as well as to track and manage all documents digitised or printed.

IT can also use a system called history tracking where they not only keep track of individual documents but the various versions of each if been modified by different users as well.

Your digital documents and information are kept on systems that are computer-based programs.

These programs and systems can also overlap concepts relating to content managed systems and viewed as an extra component in your content management systems as well.

However, it is also viewed as part of your components that make up your ECM enterprise content management) systems and combines with the following systems as follows:

*records management systems (RMS)

*digital asset management (DAM)

*Document imaging (DI)

*Workflow systems (WS)

Audio Visual Products

AV, as it is also known as, is your electronic media that includes both visual and sound components typically presented as a slide-tape presentation, multi-media and television programs services for churches, conferencing in the corporate presentations and productions of live theatre.

AV service providers often make use of live broadcast, video conferencing and streaming on the web as part of their services.

Many schools and universities have often used AV equipment in the educational system by installing equipment for projection and IWT (interactive whiteboard tech).

One of the newer AV expressions is music or sound presentations like music videos.

HP Printers

When it comes to laser printers for PCs, HP (Hewlett-Packard) was one of the first companies to produce this type of device and you will always find a driver disc for each product.

These drivers are very important as they use PCL (printer control language) to tell the PC how to use the printer and the printer to read that information so that the request works 100%, and that each job can be printed as per request.

AS each type of printer has it's own data and rules, that is part of their software, the drivers that comes it will be only for that model or system, for example, an HP LaserJet Plus driver will not work for a LaserJet II 

Sharp Printers:

With one of biggest varieties of MFPs, Sharp not only offers you high quality and Secure documents solutions but it is one of the leaders in environmentally friendly systems, that will keep up with any business demand. 

Toshiba Printers:

As one of the oldest and trusted brands globally, used in most businesses as it brings value to each company.